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Makeup Monday | Brushes you can’t live without

Happy Monday! I can’t believe another week has gone by! But that just means we’re that much closer to Christmas…eek! Today we’re back with my beautiful sister-in-law Brianne for our Makeup Monday Series! Today she’ll be sharing her favourite makeup brushes and some little must haves in between!

Makeup brushes can be tough! Which one is used for what? Which one should I buy? And is it really worth my money to spend that much on a brush?? Brianne will explain everything!

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1) Concealer Brush 6n Makeup Forever $25|Great for concealing around eyes, blemishes and smaller areas like around the nose. Also great for cream eye shadows and eye shadow primers.

2) Foundation brush Makeup Forever 25n $37 |Super soft foundation blush awesome for liquid foundations

3) Pro fan brush Sephora #65 $27Great clean up brush! Helps sweep away any fall out from under you eyes.. also great for applying highlighters/illuminaters and bronzers.

4) BeautyBlender $20 | The perfect washable and reusable sponge. The egg shape is designed to get in those small areas around your eyes and nose.  As the large base is great for stippling large areas.

5) NARS  Botan Brush (KABUKI BRUSH) $75 |Great for buffing out blush as well as applying powdered foundations and blending.

6) MAC brush cleanser $16.50 | Disinfects, cleans and conditions your brushes all in one solution! It helps the longevity of high quality brushes. I also love this product because it drys very fast so the next time you go for your brushes they are ready to go!

7) MAC #217 Blending Brush $23 | THE best multi purpose blending brush for eye shadows also useable for cream colors. This brush also works great as a concealer brush- if you want to wash it inbetween uses. The fine oval shape really helps put the makeup product exactaly where you want it while keeping soft edges. (#1 must have)

8) MAC #239 Eye Shader Brush $31 | Great for applying darker colors exactly where you want them… high density brush helps to build up intense eye colors.

9) MAC #266 Small Angle Brush $24Great for sharp lines like winged eye linner. This brush is also great for filling in eyebrows!

10) MAC #168 Large Angled Contour Brush $44 Perfect to get those sharp cheek bones! The angle allows you to dip the shorter side in a contour product ( like a bronzer) and keep the other side free of color so it looks soft and well blended.

11)  MAC #116 Blush Brush $44 | Perfect for those rosey cheeks! Keeps the colors soft and doesn’t apply blush to harshly.

12) MAC #134 Large powder brush $62.50 | One of my favorites because its not too small which allows it to blend well, but its also not too large which makes it controllable . The perfect size for bronzer and a finishing powder!

13) MAC brush cleanser $16.50 | Will disinfect, clean and condition your brushes all in one solution! It helps the longevity of high quality brushes. I also love this product because it drys very fast so the next time you go for your brushes they are ready to go!

Side note.. MAC brushes are all hand made and completely animal friendly. They brush out the hair from the animal so they are not harmed. :)

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1 Chelsea { 11.26.12 at 10:40 am }

MAC makes awesome make up brushes! I adore mine. I also have been dying to try the beauty blender. I hear fantastic things!


Haute Child in the City

2 The Single Nester { 12.03.12 at 2:48 pm }

I have a lot of makeup brushes but the Pro Fan brush can be purchased for much much less in Michaels paint section.

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