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Posts from — July 2012

365 days of Bliss!

Yes, you read right! Your chance to win my absolute favourite candles from Voluspa, every month for one full year!

My lovely friend Kassie Doucet from Bliss Designs wants to add something truly special to every moment of your busy life schedule! What better way then lighting a Voluspa Candle and taking a few moments to take a breather! The complete concept to Bliss Designs!

Kassie is all about giving! “She uses her skills as a designer, baker and product buyer to create memorable gift giving experiences! Kassie’s boxed creations are custom made and carefully designed to that with each gift that’s given, as spirit of creativity and thoughtfulness is embodied!” A perfect way to start a new week, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s How to Win your 365 days of bliss with a Voluspa Candle sent to you every month for a YEAR:

Leave a comment below with your name and where you are from! 
Please also indicate all additional entires! ie: followed on twitter, bloglovin etc.

1. “Like & Share ” The Doctor’s Closet on Facebook. Say a little friendly hello!
2. “Like” Bliss Designs on Facebook

Extra Entries:

3. Follow and tweet on Twitter! @doctorscloset @Bliss_Designs

Tweet: “I want to to win 365 days of Voluspa Candles from @Bliss_Designs & @doctorscloset bit.ly/Orshvq #365dayofBLISS”

4. Follow The Doctor’s Closet on Google Friends Connect/ Blogger

5. Follow The Doctor’s Closet with Bloglovin’

Winner will be chosen at random next Sunday, August 5th.



July 29, 2012   113 Comments

For like ever.

A little “Oh lala” and a little “For Like Ever” to make your Thursday that much more enjoyable! Here are a few of my current favourite things!

1. Ohlala Sweatshirt $160
2. For Like Ever Poster Grey $60
3. Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny Polka Dot Jean $218
4. 3.1 Phillip Lim $$$
5. Collection Martha Bracelet $95
6.  diptyque ‘Rosa Mundi’ Scented Candle $65
7. Bobbi Brown ‘Beach’ Oil $30


July 25, 2012   8 Comments


Here’s to another Happy Monday!

What about adding a little cap toe into your Monday routine? I’m sure you’ve seen a cap toe here and there… Time to catch the trend and ride the wave! Cap toe pumps are the biggest craze in the shoe world!  You can make this trend work no matter what type of shoes you’re wearing- Everything from high heeled pumps, oxfords and our beloved ballet flats! And if you’re trying to be even more fashion forward pick up a pair of metallic tips OR turn your old black pumps into a little DYI project! Yes, it can be that easy!

1 / 2 / 3456


July 23, 2012   11 Comments

Something like ‘Ladylike’

I love anything ladylike. Whether it be for a more fancy occasion or a trip to the beach! I find that Summer is so easy to become more like a lady! Pull out your favourite Jackie O Dress, big summer sunnies and a ginormous sun hat and you’re set! Don’t be afraid  to mix a little work and play together! Ladylike doesn’t always mean you have to be “etiquettely” proper all the time! Have some fun with it!

1. Pink Striped Dress $39
2. Navy IKAT Dinner Wear | C. Wonder $10-$15
3. Flower Drop Earrings | ASOS $24.86
4. All in a Day’s work iPad Case | Kate Spade $50
5. Sunset Beach Tote | C. Wonder $68
6. Lisa Polka Dot Pump | Kate Spade $328
7. Lido Flat | Kate Spade  $99


July 18, 2012   14 Comments

Mini Moments

Happy Monday! Last last week went by so fast! I can’t even believe it’s Monday all over again! It was a BIG mini week for me! The new BFREND minis have been released, and I couldn’t be happier with them! ‘Mini’ seemed to be the theme of the week! I thought I would bring it all together with my “mini moments” which piled up fast and made the week go by even faster!

Here’s to another Monday!

1. Cute pencils from an amazing friend! “Life is too short not to have a little umbrella in your drink”
2. The new BFREND minis in all colours!
3. “Portrait of the Week” feature by Hong Photography
4. Vintage Chanel Pin at the new Secret Location
5. How to style the new BFREND mini
6. New framed confetti painting by Lulu & Drew
7. Amazing girlfriends Clio and Tiffany De La Lave of Booje Media on Framework Magazine
8. New favourite shoe | Charlotte Olympia at The Room
9. Friday’s high calorie lunch @momsgrilledchz


July 16, 2012   8 Comments

Read Over & Over Again

My favourite Pinterest Board I’ve created is called “read over and over again”. I have pinned everything that I wish I could remember on a daily basis to remind me how important life is, or be excited for things to come!  Since I can hardly remember what I pinned just last week, I’ll go back to this board and scroll through all the inspiring quotes. Reading though them over and over again, help me get through a hard day,  remind myself how thankful I am for today, or convince myself that Monday’s really aren’t that bad.

Today, I want to take some time to reflect on these quotes that have been pinned together and apply them to my day. Hope you enjoy them! You can find all 162 pins HERE.


July 11, 2012   7 Comments

Sheer Maxi Skirts

I always feel comfortable and girly in a beautiful maxi skirt. It can be a little hard to find the right one that fits your body, but once you’ve got one you’ll never want to take it off!

I’m especially loving the sheer skirt maxi skirt trend. Every colour and pattern goes! As you can tell in the photos above. On a hot summer’s day like today a sheer maxi dress is the perfect staple item! If you don’t already own one, I highly recommend shopping around and trying one on!

Happy Monday Beautiful!

Black Lace
Cobalt Blue
Ballet Pink
Polka Dot
Tie Die


July 9, 2012   10 Comments

Feeling girly.

I am a complete girly girl. So it took me a little while to warm up to spikes and studs, since they don’t come off as the most girly staple item. But, lately I’ve completely made a full turn and keep picking up the most adorable spike and studded items!

I just bought my first studded item last week, a classic denim jacket fully bedazzled in studs> click here to  have a look! I can’t stop wearing it, I absolutely love it! AND now I know that I’m ready for more! Here are a few other items that I wouldn’t mind including in my life!


1. Spiked Gold Bracelet | ASOS $13
2. Tell me about it black Stud Purse | Lulu’s $44
3. Pointed Stud Earrings | $100
4. Gold Mesh Studded Platform | Lulu’s $168
5. Empire Spike Clutch | $105
6. Empire Zip Wallet |  $86
7. Spike Drop Earrings | ASOS $9.98


July 4, 2012   13 Comments