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Posts from — February 2011

Pick of the day- Tassel Earrings

The oscars always bring out all sorts of fashion trends! One that I’m loving right now- Tassel earrings! Natalie Portman perfectly matched hers to her Egg-plant colored Rodarte gown.
Here is an examples of the same look, by Oscar De Le Renta. Style them as a punch of color to your outfit or try classic black, golds and silvers. They will bring elegance to your everyday look and complement any evening gown.
Try tassels made from beads, chains and strings! So many to choose from, you might have to invest in few pairs! Don’t worry though, I’ve been spotting them every where! From $10 to well… you can just imagine! $$$!!!
If you’re extra daring you can make your own!
Visit stripes and sequins for a fun tutorial on how to make your own pair of tassel earrings!
Also Visit PS-i made this! Sooo many fun things to make on your own!  ie: tassel belts!

February 28, 2011   6 Comments

My top 5 Oscar Dresses

What’s my favorite part of the Oscars? The red carpet! There were so many stunning gowns, it was hard to pick my top 5! Interesting enough, 3 of them are very similar glimmering naturals. Hilary Swank won my number one favorite, wearing a Gucci Premiere couture strapless, floor length evening gown. Hale Bare stunned the crowd with her  nude and crystal encrusted Marchesa corset gown with organza and silk tulle ruffles, and of course with Christian Louboutin heels.  Mandy Moore’s almost painted on stunning nude and crystal Monique Lhuillier gown was breath taking! All three actresses  we’re clearly on the same page – I’m not complaining, they were perfect!

I also loved Mila Kunis’s gorgeous lavender chiffon gown. With tiered lace detailing and groisgrain ribbon waist from Elie Saab Haute Couture.

And my number 5 most stunning dress at the 2011 oscars was Camila Alves’ black gown designed by Kautman Franco. Something about this dress reminds me of my wedding dress (in white of course). And if you’re wondering what Matthew McConaughey was wearing (being glued to her side), he was head to toe in Dolce & Gabbana.  {Very similar to what Troy wore on our wedding day too! -ha!}

Who was your favorite?


February 28, 2011   10 Comments

The Truth about Nutella

There seems to be a lot of talk about Nutella in my world! My husband LOVES Nutella- seems like the rest of the world does too! The big question – Is Nutella GOOD or BAD for you?

The Nutella website claims that Nutella is full of energy- “Spread some Energy”. TRUE!  Yes Nutella is full of energy, however the majority of this energy comes from sugar, creating an initial “high” and then a crash shortly after. Also, since cocoa is an ingredient in Nutella, there are traces of caffeine in a yummy morning tablespoon serving! (Coffee plus Nutella sounds even better, don’t you think?… mmmm Nutella Mocha) Problem: Sugar high=Sugar Low. Solution? More Nutella and then an afternoon nap!

Lets look at the ingredients. This delicious spread is made from the combination of roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a touch of cocoa. Healthy right? It also has no artificial colors or preservatives. BUT Nutella conveniently forgets to mention that the two MAIN ingredients are sugar and modified palm oil (I like to forget about that part). The truth is that Nutella’s slogan should actually be: “Nutella is a yummy sugary, modified oil spread, with delicious hazelnuts, tons of cocos and “touch” of skim milk power”. Yes, the ugly truth told like a fairy tale.

I Like to compare Nutella with our other yummy friend, Peanut Butter. When compared, both have the same amount of calories per serving: 1 tbsp= 100 calories. Peanut Butter has more fat than Nutella, however PB is actually a natural fat which is better for you and not modified. The reason Nutella appears to have less fat, is mostly because there is much more sugar in it acting as a filler.  Okay so the most staggering difference  between PB and Nutella is the sugar content! Unfortunately it’s bad,  11g vs 1g.  My solution- adding an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill!

Comparing Nutella & Peanut Butter just makes me think of how wonderful the combination of both would taste! Thank goodness for my amazing friend Mary, the creator of Delightful Bitefuls with the perfect recipe! (She can’t seem to get her hands off the Nutella too!)

You NEED to try her Peanut Butter Nutella Cookie Cups! They are out of this world amazing!


February 25, 2011   30 Comments

Giveaway- MK Aviators!

Congratulations Chelsey Dollman from Vancouver Island!! You have won the MK aviators!!! Hope these make your life even more brighter out on the island!!! Praying that your baby girls’s treatments in Winnipeg go smoothly!!   Congrats again!!!

It’s sunny today!! AND I’ve been hiding my next giveaway for over 2 weeks- I can’t do it anymore! Thank the sun! You can win these fabulous Michael Kors Aviators!! A definite must have for Spring/Summer!
Want them on your face?? 3 steps!
2. While you’re there click  ”share/re-post” the giveaway post and why you want a new pair of shades!
3. Leave a comment below (here at thedoctorscloset.com) including your Name and where you’re from, along with your email so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner! (Your email will not be posted on the comment and will remain private). Tell me why you should have them!
The Random Draw will be on Wednesday March 2nd!
Also follow The Doctor’s Closet on Bloglovin’, Twitter and Google Connect and receive one extra entry for each! Please include in  your comment.
Good Luck!!
Mon xox

February 24, 2011   41 Comments

Photographic Memory

I found this amazing cheat sheet for  fall 2011 colors. I continue forgetting to focus on spring/summer and keep falling back into fall collections! (Thank you fashion week!) Since I didn’t want to waste this little gift, I thought I would do a “Buy for spring-Save for fall” continuation. To help you remember all these fabulous colors while you’re out and about shopping,  here’s my little cheat sheet for you with Pieces from the colors below! I  have more of a Photographic Memory, so here you go! Feel free to print/cut it out and shove it in your purse.. shhh I won’t tell! ;)

1. DEEP TEAL  Cardigan $59.99
2. QUARY  Top Swan Cloud Dress $199
3. BAMBOO MK Hamilton Tote $398
4. EMBERGLOW Clasp Purse $20
5. COFFEE LIQUEUR Paper Bag Waistband Pant $85
6. HONEYSUCKLE Texas Marc By Marc Jacobs Bangle $51.95
7. NOUGAT Embroidered Shell Top $100
8. PHYLOX  Marc By Marc Jacobs Aviator $98
9. CEDAR- J Brand Cargo Pant
10. ORCHID HUSH Hunter Rain boots $125

Image from Pinterest.com


February 23, 2011   1 Comment

Pick of the day- Antler Coat Rack

I can’t get enough of all the wonderful “deer” things that you can find for your home! This deer antler coat rack by Pols Potten, is perfect for your front entrance, mud room or even a great accent piece in the baby’s room! Is your imagination going crazy? I know the perfect place in my home!! Have a look at all the wonderful things that Polls Potten carries! You can’t go wrong!

Happy Shopping! xo


February 21, 2011   No Comments

Pretty Hair

The Side Chignon.

1. Using a round brush, blow dry hair smooth and straight. Focus on the top section.
2. Curl your hair into waves from the ears down.
3. Build volume at your crown by teasing hair gently at the crown.
4. Gather hair into a low ponytail. Twist it along the nape of your neck, pining as you go.
5. Once you reach your ear, shape the remaining hair into curls, & pin them back over the twist. 6. Spritz strands in place. Try a volume lifting hairspray.
7. To add texture, gently curl and scrunch the wispy ends with your fingertips.

Whimsical Half down, half up!

1. Use a large-barrel curling iron to create loose curls all around your head, from the ears down.
2. Part your hair in the middle, & use your fingers to loosen & separate the curls.
3. Starting halfway down the party, begin spritzing your roots with hairspray. Continue at the crown.
4. To create heights & volume, tease the sprayed hair with a fine tooth comb.
5. Use a brush to gently smooth the teased hair, & gather the sides up into a half pony.
6. Secure the sides with pins, then use your fingers to gently shape the curls into place.
7. End with shine spray.

1. Extreme Hold, Volume and Shine: S Factor- Chic Shine Hairspray
2. Finish Shine: S Factor- Shine Spray
3. Extreme Hold humidity resistant: JoiFix Firm
4. Strong Feather Hold: Sebastian- Shaper Zero Gravity
5. Hair Repair: Its a 10- Miracle Leave in Product
6. Hair Repair: RedKen- Anti-Snap
7. Hair Repair: Kerastase- Masquintense
8. Hair Rapair: Moroccanoil- Restoration Hair Mask
9. Oil Treatment: Moroccanoil- The Original (Note for fine hair use Moroccanoil ‘light’)
10. Oil Treatment for color treated Hair: Kerastase-  Chroma Riche
11. Oil Treatment: Biosilk- Silk therapy
Volume: Big Sexy Hair- Root Pump

‘How to’ Hair images from marthastewartweddings.com


February 20, 2011   7 Comments

Phone Protection

This post is dedicated to my beautiful sister in law! She called me up the other day and was thrilled to tell me she finally gave in and got an iphone!!  She was an avid blackberry user till now! (no bias obviously!) Next step after buying a new phone? Purchasing a “must-have” phone case or sleeve. Already have one? Maybe it’s time that your phone got a little face lift! Here are my top 10 favorite phone coverings… okay and not JUST for the iphone but the other guys too!

Though I must say, iPhones have a much ‘trendier’ selection! ;)

1. Michael Kors: iPhone wristlet  $79.95
2. Michael Kors: multifunctional phone case $58
3. Tory burch: iPhone Sleeve $75
4. Rebecca Minkoff: Studded iPhone Sleeve $50
5. Marc Jacobs: iPhone Case $28
6. Tory Burch: Embossed Lux iPhone Sleeve $75
7. Kate Spade: iPhone hard case $44.95
8. Bamboo: Ear plugs and Case $20 $25
9 & 10. Coach: Poppy Leather Universe Case $58
*Old school handset: Gold


February 19, 2011   5 Comments


Happy Friday!! Hope you had a great week and are ready for a fun filled relaxing weekend! To end off the week I thought I would leave you with some inspiration above and a fun weekend bag! Thought this bag was extra unique and fun for a weekend away… or even carrying your favorite books around! I love the thought of having a bag for anything and everything! Pretty sure this one does the job! Throw in a cozy blanket and a good book and enjoy the weekend!

Happy Friday!


February 18, 2011   2 Comments

Fashion Forward- Fall ’11

Here are some bits and pieces from NY Fashion week. Today featuring Fall 2011 collections from  Michael Kors, Tory Burch and Badgley Mischka.  I know Fall seems so far away, but while you’re spring shopping, always think about how you can bring your favorite pieces into the next season.  This year’s spring colors; oranges, taupes and browns make it easy to think about your fall closet.

At the bottom of this post I’ve included some examples of how you can “Buy for Spring & Keep for Fall”. Grab your afternoon latte and enjoy!

Blouse 1 $92, Blouse 2 $90, Blouse 3, Blouse 4 $80
Dress 1 $110, Dress 2 $110, Dress 3 $110, Dress 4 $140
Jacket 1 $300, Blazer 2 $110, Blazer 3 $125, Jacket 4 $178

Photos taken from: toryburch.com, ottawacitizen.com, montrealgazette.com


February 17, 2011   3 Comments