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Happy Thanksgiving Canada! I’m so thankful for my family and friends! What better way to share some bfrend love, than with your loved ones around a delicious turkey dinner!

This weekend (including Monday)- buy one Golden Cobra bfrend bracelet & get a second one free! Your arm party will thank you later! ;)

Shop bfrend on Etsy !

Have a fabulous long weekend! xo

No you don’t have to be Canadian! Open to all!

Photo taken by Jasalyn Thorne


October 9, 2011   2 Comments

sneak peek

We had such an amazing time at our bfrend x Elsa Corsi photo shoot yesterday! I was ecstatic the whole day and everything turned out perfectly as planned! I cannot wait to see the final product, and share it with all of you of course! In the mean time I thought I would post some of the photos that I managed to snap on my iphone!

Huge thanks to our wonderful team! (Credit List Below)

Dream Team

Photographer: Jasalyn Thorne
Model: Michelle Hetmanska
Hair & Makeup: Jayna Marie
Makeup: Brianne Hibbs
Hair: Natalie Jonas
Wardrobe: Michelle White- Ivory Bridal
Additional Sparkle & Jewelry: Jeweliette
Location: White Box Studios
Video footage: James Kim
Macarons c/o: Kitchening with Carly


October 5, 2011   12 Comments

Add a little sparkle!

I’m so excited to share these VERY sparkly bracelets with you! I’ve just recently collaborated with a Elsa Corsi- Vancouver’s most precious jewel, to bring you some of the most trendies pieces of arm candy to date! (Am I allowed to say that?) Believing BIG right?

The two of us have had so much fun working our magic to come up with some gorgeous arm candy to add to your stacked wrist! Here is a little sneak peek of what you’ll be seeing in the next couple of months! Plus so much exciting news that I have yet to share with you! That being said, we wanted to share some pieces with all of you first! We want to know what you think!

Feel free to pin away via Pinterest, facebook, tweet and share!

Currently available online here and in store at Jeweliette Jewellery in Vancouver.


September 3, 2011   7 Comments

Weekend Love!

Happy weekend! My Friday/weekend post is a day late this week… Friday was a crazy day so I decided to delay this post! :) But it’s an exciting day today! Bfrend bracelets have gone to the next level, you can now find them in one of my fave boutiques Violet Hill Clothing in Vancouver (Richmond).

I’m off to deliver them today! I had to snap a picture before they were off for all you lovelies to  buy! If you’re in the area be sure to drop by Violet Hill! You’ll love it!

You can still order online as well!


July 16, 2011   14 Comments

Another bfrend feature! Glitter Guide!

I was thrilled to see our bfrend bracelets on the Glitter Guide this weekend-”5 things to try this weekend”! Did you have a chance to see??  One of them being… the ‘arm party’ trend! Have you stacked your wrist lately? Well it’s not too late to start! Grab some of your fave bracelets, gold, silver, beaded and most importantly your favourite friendship bracelet!
Glitter Guide was sure to include bfrend bracelets on their list! So thrilled! Couldn’t help but stack my wrist up that much more this weekend! Such a fun trend this summer! Thank you to all the glittery ladies at GG! I think I might have a glittery bfrend in the works! Maybe “glitter girl” is what we’ll have to name this up and coming bfrend bracelet!  xo

AND just in time for the newest bfrend bracelets to make an appearance! These might be my new fave! The “popsicle series” with dual colors and and easy to stack one or two or three of your fave color combos!

Have a peek at all the new bfrends to choose from!

photos taken by Jasalyn Thorne



July 12, 2011   9 Comments

bfrend trend!

The 4th of July is almost over, the fireworks are going off around America! (And yes we can see them from the beaches here in White Rock BC) GORGEOUS!
I was excited to see a little bfrend trend amongst some of my favourite bloggers on this festive long weekend!

Have a peek, you’ll love how they stack their bfrend bracelets!

Thank you again to Blair of Atlantic Pacific & Jen from Made by Girl for showing off your stacked wrists!


Photos taken from Atlantic Pacific (top) and Made by Girl (bottom)


July 4, 2011   12 Comments

Feeling Pretty

This past weekend was beautiful! I had a few hours to sit at the beach and enjoy the sun! I took a quick snap shot of my newest bfrend bracelets! I  know I’m bias, but I absolutely adore these silver beads! You can stack them with anything and even stack a few of the same kind! The little crystal jewels makes it fun and flirty. Hope you love them!

Mon xo



June 29, 2011   3 Comments

I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I was to see my bfrend bracelets featured on Made By Girl.
Jen and I have become friends through tweeting back and for about things we love, ie: Michael Kors, Great home design and stacking our wrists up with love! I was thrilled to hear that she had become “obsessed” with the look of my bfrend bracelets and “had to have one!” (Now she owns three!)

I was even happier to hear that she loved it in person, and was snapping & tweeting pics of her newly stacked wrist filled with bfrend love!

I can’t thank Jen enough for the amazing post she featured on bfrend bracelets yesterday! You’ll love the photos she took (below), showing off her oh so stackable wrists!!! Love her! You will too! Check out her blog!

Keep Calm and Stack on~


June 22, 2011   11 Comments

MTV FORA feature

Exciting news!! bfrend bracelets have been featured on the MTV FORA blog! Have a look!
New Summer trend??? Stack Stack Stack ‘em!!!

So exciting, thank you to Ishra Sharif for such a great feature! Follow her  iphone adventures on MTV FORA this summer!

What are bfrend bracelets? Find out here!


June 16, 2011   5 Comments

introducing bfrend bracelets on etsy!

Wow so much has happened in the last 24 hours! I can’t believe it’s Friday!! Yesterday I posted my fun friendship bracelets to give away at the end of the week. Totally not realizing that the end of the week was the next day! That means we have three winners!! Find out at the bottom of this post!

Along side that, the etsy store is open where you can purchase more styles and stack stack stack those wrists!! Thank you so much for all your support and encouraging words! There were  many friends and fellow bloggers helping me make this happen! (…geez I feel like I’m doing an acceptance speech!) BUT thank you!!! xo

I thought bfrend was the perfect name for these bracelets! Be amazing ladies- always be on the look out to “bfrend” someone! What better way then with some fabulous jewelry… while penciling in a cupcake date with a lovie!

Hope you love it! Go check out bfrend on etsy!

AND the winners of the bfrend bracelets  1. golden cobra 2. indian summer 3. queen cobra are…… 


June 10, 2011   7 Comments